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Our focus

What makes us a trustworthy partner

OUR Clients

Our main focus is to offer our clients only the best and the most suitable healthcare professionals. Our clients trust us because we always come with the best solutions for their needs. See our clients

Our candidates

We focus on the needs of our candidates, offering training, advice and a good understanding of this industry. We ensure that all our candidates are highly qualified and with the necessary skill set for the job required.

Our expertise

We focus on knowledge and professional growth because we want to offer the best services. We know that the combination of knowledge, experience and hard work makes us the perfect choice.

our compassion

This company was started as a result of more than 25 years of experience in nursing. This job requires a strong will, but first of all, compassion, empathy and understanding. That is why our slogan is “Caring in every sense”.

About us

Caring in every sense

ASrecruitment is a healthcare recruitment agency working across the United Kingdom, specialized in providing temporary, contract and permanent staff. Our main targets are the health care houses based in the Hastings area.

Our growing reputation has been built by the professionalism and work ethic of our nurses and carers.

The success behind the evolution of ASrecruitment’s growth is our demand for excellence in healthcare recruitment, retention, and customer care. Our performance history speaks for itself and our clients can rest assured that the future brings with it new opportunities for continued success.

  • Professional skills

    We look for qualified personnel and with our professional trainers we manage to ensure only highly trained candidates.

  • work ethycs

    We carefully select our candidates, taking into account the feedback from the previous work places of the candidate.

  • Motivation

    We negociate our contracts so that both, the clients and the candidates, could have the best deal.

  • Language skills

    Most of our candidates are East Europeans, so English is not their native language. With all that we do not provide services except to those who have more than basic communication skills.

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